On Sat, 10 Sep 2016 08:00:56 +0530 Sunil Mohan Adapa <su...@medhas.org>
> In the upcoming release of Plinth, Plinth runs as non-root user 'plinth'.
> Everything is ready for it, however, for users upgrading from older
> version,
> the ownership of the /var/lib/plinth/plinth.sqlite3 file needs to be
> changed
> from root:root to plinth:plinth. Otherwise, Plinth won't be able to start
> anymore unable to write to its own state file.
This seems to already be done with the current postinst. When I upgrade
plinth, the files under /var/lib/plinth and /var/log/plinth are owned by
plinth, where they were previously owned by root.

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