On Sep 22, 2016, at 12:10 PM, Martin Pitt wrote:

>This does not depend on Debian vs. Ubuntu or container vs. qemu or
>whether the test environment uses a proxy by itself. It can trivially
>be reproduced locally with the schroot runner:
>  autopkgtest --testname execute.sh python-pex -- schroot sid

It's a bit worrysome that this *doesn't* fail in my normal dev box's sid-amd64
chroot.  I've reproduced it on other machines though.  I suspect that
something in setuptools 25.2.0 broke the assumptions that no network access
would occur if the module could be satisfied locally.  That's specifically why
textwrap is used (a stdlib module) and catching that is the reason why the
discard port proxies were added, so at least they've done their job. ;)

Anyway, failure confirmed.

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