On 2016-09-22 23:42 +0800, 殷啟聰 wrote:
> Hi Wookey,
> Thanks for your bug report!
> I have spotted the issue and fixed it in VCS. Please see:
> <https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/android-tools/android-platform-system-core.git/commit/?id=6a17508>.
> libunwind and safe-iop are indeed needed in stage1, as well as pandoc
> (I guess you had typos?). We never intended to set a stage for "nodoc"
> which, so I also included it in stage1.

The point here is that which things are skipped in a 'stage1' build is
not very well defined. It is primarily there to break build-dep
loops. Clearly that involves the packages from
android-platform-system-extras. It is also useful to avoid needing the
pango packaging tools, because that involves haskell, but that's not a
specific dependency-loop here, and we have a more specific profile for doing
this: 'nodoc'. So it is better to use that one, because it makes it
easier to write automated tools to do bootstrapping. However it's not
very important, so if you really prefer to but it all under 'stage1'
I'm not going to make a fuss :-)

Build-profile policy is still developing as we work out what is
best, and it's not written down anywhere...

> However I'm not sure about your point of self dependency of
> andoid-platform-system-core-headers. This package does not
> build-depend on it, but instead depends on
> android-platform-build-headers.

Ah yes. I was confusing the two, you are right. And
android-platform-build-headers comes from android-platform-build
source pakcage, but that build-depends on android-libutils-dev so
there is stilla circular dependency in there? Or do you have profile
info to work round that?

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