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On 28-Feb-2015, Paul Wise wrote:

> I would like to have a patches panel on the distro-tracker that
> might look something like the attached mockup for Debian.

I have experience developing Django applications, and would like to
try my hand at this.

Thank you for describing the feature well, Paul.

I'm a complete newcomer to the ‘distro-tracker’ code base though.
Scrutiny of whatever I produce will be much appreciated!

On 01-May-2015, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:

> For what concerns tracker.d.o, am I right in assuming that tracker
> will be happy with being able to simply _consume_ Debian patch
> information generated by some other service, possibly Debsources?

My understanding, from a brief browse through the source code, is that
yes that's what a lot of content in ‘distro-tracker’ is: scheduled
jobs populate the database by querying other services.

The patch information would IIUC gather all its data from the remote
services Paul enumerated.

> If so, we should standardize a patch information exchange format.
> Ideally, something that is derivative agnostic.

I agree with Paul that we don't need to wait for that; a first
implementation can be Debian-specific, and we'll see how well it
serves when used in anger.

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