On 11/10/16 12:02, Brian Potkin wrote:
> [I made a mistake with my previous mail by not sending it to the BTS.
> Because of that your reply didn't go there either. I've rectified the
> bug record by bouncing both mails to the BTS and setting the addresses
> correctly on this mail].
> On Tue 11 Oct 2016 at 09:59:42 +0200, Daniel Pocock wrote:
>> On 10/10/16 21:22, Brian Potkin wrote:
>>> Printing "working fine" for a long time must indicate something to you.
>>> Then it stops working. How is this a bug rather than a matter for
>>> debian-user? Computer systems don't generally go into meltdown because
>>> they feel unappreciated.
>> The bug isn't because it stopped working (I got it working again anyway)
>> I raised a bug because I was hoping we could improve the user experience
>> for people who don't know how to dig around in the log files.  Maybe it
>> should be a wishlist bug.
> My view would be that with printing problems users have to be prepared
> to dig into log files, particularly the error_log. Without it a user
> will get nowhere -fast.
> [...Snip...]

In that case, we really need to anticipate having a GUI for browsing
SysLog in the default desktop.  Text based log files are not great for
the average user and even for power users, the text-based log files
don't distinguish errors from warnings or info messages.

>>> This is a symptom indicating you have done something to the system. It
>>> never happened before; why should it happen now? Things don't generally
>>> occur out of the blue.
>> After looking more closely, I believe the root cause was a recent
>> firewall change that was interfering with mDNS.  Tweaking the firewall
>> makes it work again.  This hadn't been obvious because some other
>> devices had been able to send stuff to the printer and the printer and
>> the printer's web admin pages were accessible.
> Is it possible to be a little more specific about the firewall settings
> which blocked mDNS packets? I think that on Fedora SELinux is there by
> default and it is not unknown for it to cause a misconfiguration issue
> such as the one you have experienced. However, I have not seen it on
> Debian so knowing what you did would be a useful jumping off point for
> documentation.

In this case, Shorewall had been installed with a very basic configuration

Adding this entry to /etc/shorewall/rules in SECTION NEW:


mDNS(ACCEPT)  loc  fw

made it work.

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