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Hi Ondřej--

Sorry for taking so long to respond to this.  A few questions below:

On Fri 2015-09-25 12:53:33 -0400, Ondřej Kuzník wrote:

> recent upgrades to either enigmail, gpg or pinentry have started to take
> a long time to ask for the passphrase on sending/decrypting an email.
> Stracing the gpg-agent daemon looks like pinentry is launched, it
> creates a process/thread(?) which doesn't seem to do much, just waits on
> a futex for 15 seconds, then times out and then another similar
> process/thread is cloned doing essentially the same thing. Only then
> after the second timeout does it display the prompt. This happens with
> pinentry-gtk2 as well. I can provide a slightly cleared up strace if
> that would help.
> Does not seem to happen with gpg/mutt/others, but given that the process
> that waits for too long is part of pinentry, I report here.
> The desktop environment is Fluxbox with gnome-settings-daemon running.

Is this still happening for you?  Do you have dbus installed?  is there
a dbus session running?  Is there a query on the dbus user session for
any particular service?  I've seen reports of timeouts of ~30s before
waiting for some "org.a11y.Bus" service to respond.  Some of those
reports were cleared up with the installation or removal of the
at-spi2-core package, but i haven't been able to reproduce it myself.
Do you have at-spi2-core installed?  if so, what version?

See also:

Please let me know if you have answers to any of these questions.



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