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>> Alrthough we could handle this in gpg-agent, I consider it better to fix
>> this in Pinentry.  The name "allow-emacs-prompt" means to me that Emacs
>> support is optional and thus Pinentry should just return OK.  A new
>> Pinentry version is anyway due.
> I've applied Daiki Ueno's proposed patch to debian unstable in pinentry
> 0.9.7-6.  hopefully it will resolve the issue here.  Kevin, can you
> report back whether it resolves things for you?  (there will still be no
> prompts in emacs, but at least access to the pinentry shouldn't
> automatically abort).  I'm closing the issue now because i believe it's
> resolved in 0.9.7-6, but feel free to reopen if you think it is still
> wrong.

That resolves it for me :) I'd love to have Emacs prompts as well of
course, but as someone mentioned, that's a different issue.

Thanks a bunch!


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