On Tue, 30 Aug 2016 20:56:30 -0400 Sam Hartman <hartm...@debian.org> wrote:
> what happened:
> $ sbuild --source --no-arch-any --no-arch-all -c unstable -d
> sid-hadron-snapshot .
> dh clean  
>    dh_testdir
>    dh_auto_clean
>    dh_clean
> dpkg-source: info: using source format '3.0 (native)'
> dpkg-source: info: building hadron-ci in
> hadron-ci_0.1~00+git5e45a12.tar.xz
> dpkg-source: info: building hadron-ci in hadron-ci_0.1~00+git5e45a12.dsc
> E: dsc: amd64 not in arch list or does not match any arch wildcards:
> all -- skipping
> what I expected:
> I expected to produce a source package and a _source.changes in a clean
> chroot.

thanks for finding this. The problem is now fixed in git.

I suspect that this was not a problem so far because sbuild is not meant to
produce source packages. Source packages are the *input* to sbuild and not its

Do you know a situation when it would be beneficial to let sbuild create the
source package *again* after it has already been produced for sbuild?


cheers, josch

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