On 12/10/16 08:31, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
> Control: tags 577737 + moreinfo unreproducible
> On Thu 2014-02-20 16:57:15 -0500, OmegaPhil wrote:
>> Package: pinentry-qt4
>> Version: 0.8.3-2
>> I also get this bug - today I finally researched into and set up
>> Enigmail and gpg, yet it failed to generate a revocation certificate
>> and later send an encrypted/signed mail - bad passphrase or key
>> couldnt be found.
> i haven't been able to reproduce this reported problem with pinentry-qt4
> or its current equivalent pinentry-qt.  Is this still a problem with
> 0.9.7-6 in debian unstable or 0.9.7-5 in debian testing?  Is there a
> straightforward way to reproduce the problem?  Is it an issue with
>                 --dkg

Since that point, I have uninstalled pinentry-qt4 and have happily been
using pinentry-gtk-2.

Installing pinentry-qt (0.9.7-5) and switching to it via alternatives
results in the following error dialog coming up 4 times in succession
from Enigmail:


GnuPG cannot query your passphrase via pinentry.

This is a system setup or configuration error that prevents Enigmail
from working properly and cannot be fixed automatically.

We strongly recommend that you consult our support web site at


The real error comes out in ~/.xsession-errors:


gpg-agent[7019]: can't connect to the PIN entry module
'/usr/bin/pinentry': End of file
gpg-agent[7019]: failed to unprotect the secret key: No pinentry
gpg-agent[7019]: failed to read the secret key
gpg-agent[7019]: command 'PKDECRYPT' failed: No pinentry


Manually calling pintentry seems to work:


OK Pleased to meet you

D lol


So its still effectively useless.

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