Hi Stephan,

On Sun, Oct 09, 2016 at 11:32:34AM +0200, Stephan Sürken wrote:
> sorry for the late reply, but I basically always agreed here. However,
> I took the liberty to update this bug's title to what I guess your
> intention is :).

Having a live build log would be more than I'd want to. What really
annoys me is that I cannot look, for example, at a build log of a
failed amd64 build because the arm builder is still building.

> Another option would be to improve the packager to already show results
> before all build results have arrived.

That's what I'd want to have, yes.

>  That would change much more logic though, and would not give us live
>  build logs.

Live would be even better, yes. But seeing avilable results before
all other results have arrived is my real wish.


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