Am 13.10.2016 um 12:26 schrieb Michael Biebl:
> I would prefer having the version requirement dropped as well. It seem
> rather pointless when even oldstable has a newer version.
> Aside from this issue: Should we handle packages differently which ship
> native systemd service files?
> You might boot with sysvinit or use /etc/init.d/foo <action> which needs
> the redirection from the lsb hook, but is that common enough with
> systemd being our default init system to warrant a hard dependency?

We have around 1100 packages with around 1300 sysv init scripts sourcing
lsb-base has 462 rdeps. So, roughly speaking, we'd have to touch 600
packages. That's quite a bit of churn.

I wonder if we couldn't just generate the lsb-base dependency and inject
it via misc:Depends. Say via dh_installinit or a separate dh helper.

This would have the benefit that in the hypothetical future, where
lsb-base is merged into init-system-helpers, we wouldn't have to touch
all those packages again.

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