Joerg Jaspert writes ("Re: Bug#840250: closed by Joerg Jaspert 
<> (done (Allow to query for files in archive, closes: 
> It is, you just need to do it correctly.
> [{"sha256sum": 
> "beee556e6bf0de96f15b60ede2775efd9763ede1976f29c6c25d0b770513fd01", 
> "filename": "d/dgit/dgit_1.4.tar.gz"}]

Ah.  I could swear I tried that yesterday, but evidently not.

Should the docs eventually appear here

> (Or, probably, haven't tested that, correctly URL encode the /, its part 
> of the parameter that the function gets.)

Maybe that's what went wrong yesterday, because:
 => 404 The requested URL /file_in_archive/%/dgit_1.4.tar.gz was not found on 
this server

OTOH this
does work, at least.


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