Package: src:gpgme1.0
Subject: gpgme binding cleanup
Control: clone -1 -2 src:kdepimlibs
Control: retitle -2 Please stop building libgpgme++2v5 and libqgpgme1
Control: clone -1 -3 src:gpgmepp
Control: retitle -3 Please consider removing src:gpgmepp from the archive
Control: clone -1 -4 src:python-pyme
Control: retitle -4 Please consider removing src:python-pyme from the archive
Control: block -1 -2 -3 -4
X-Debbugs-Cc: Sandro KnauƟ <>, Andre Heinecke 

GnuPG's C library, GPGME, has recently adopted/absorbed some common
Python, C++, and Qt bindings into their upstream project.

This means that PyME, GpgMEpp, and QGpgME are all now officially part of
upstream GPGME. In debian, we've uploaded gpgme 1.7.0-3 to experimental
that builds the latest version of all of these bindings.  In particular,
it builds the following packages in addition to the stanard GPGME


These are all stuck in NEW right now, of course :/

However, we also have several remaining copies of GPGME bindings in
debian, and it would be good to reduce their number.  This will save the
sanity of our users; will provide better focus for upstream developers;
and will be easier for us to maintain going forward.

In debian, we have:

 * src:kdepimlibs, which builds several binary packages, including:
   - libgpgme++2v5
   - libqgpgme1

   We should be able to drop these two binary packages from the build of
   src:kdepimlibs; packages linking against these tools should be able
   to rebuild against libgpgmepp6 and libqgpgme6.  This means that any
   build-dependencies should probably move to libgpgmepp-dev instead of

 * src:gpgmepp, which builds several binary packages, including
   - libkf5gpgmepp5
   - libkf5qgpgme5

   We should be able to drop this entire source package from the
   archive.  Any build dependencies should probably move to
   libgpgmepp-dev from libkf5gpgmepp-dev.

 * python-pyme, which builds the python-pyme package.  This should be
   superceded entirely by upstream's pyme, so it can probably also be
   entirely removed from the archive.

The reverse dependencies are the biggest concern here:

a filtered view of "apt-cache rdepends libgpgme++2v5 libqgpgme1
libkf5gpgmepp5 libkf5qgpgme5"

Turns up the following packages that might need to be rebuilt:


One thing i note is that we have libkleo4 and libkleo5.  I don't know
how tightly-bound kde4 is with qt4, but it maybe we want a separate
binary package of libqgpgme that is built against qt4 instead of qt5.
I can look into providing that as a separate build in gpgme if that
would be useful.

Let me know what you think the next steps should be in proceeding with
this cleanup.  (or if you think we should abandon the whole thing!)


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