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> >>>>> "Johannes" == Johannes Schauer <jo...@debian.org> writes:
>     Johannes> Do you know a situation when it would be beneficial to let
>     Johannes> sbuild create the source package *again* after it has
>     Johannes> already been produced for sbuild?
> Sbuild can take a directory as input.

yes, and the first thing it does, is to run "dpkg-source -b ." to create a
source package which is *then* passed to the actual sbuild machinery. So this
is just a convenience feature which allows one to run sbuild from within a
unpacked source package without manually executing dpkg-source. But the actual
input to sbuild is still the source package.

The question remains: in which situation would it be beneficial to let sbuild
produce the source package *again*?

> I tend to use it in that way for CI-driven builds from git repositories.
> Sometimes I want source uploads,

Use "dpkg-buildpackage -S" and add a "-nc" if you just extracted the source
package (so no clean up is required).

> sometimes I want a binary upload.

Then just run sbuild but then you don't need --source.

> (In this case I ended up wanting a source upload because of another bug in
> mini-buildd, although in other cases I'd just want a source upload).  As an
> example, I might want to run gbp buildpackage --git-export-dir=somewhere
> --git-builder=sbuild --source --no-arch-any --no-arch-all to prepare an
> upload to debian (after testing my tree some other way).  Does sbuild add
> that much in that situation?  No, but it sure doesn't hurt, and consistency
> is nice.

I still don't understand why you want to throw in the --source argument above.
You will see that even if you do not provide the --source argument, there will
be a .dsc in the parent directory, the one created by "dpkg-source -b ." as it
is run by sbuild if you execute it from within an unpacked source package.

Why do you want it to rebuild the source package *again*?


cheers, josch

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