On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 07:37:13PM -0400, James McCoy wrote:
> However, I was currently looking into a different test failure whose
> symptom is that ":set modified" doesn't actually do anything.

Interesting.  This has something to do with enabling the language
bindings.  When compiling with the language bindings, ":set modified"
doesn't change the option.

> Being
> able to step through the code would make that a bit easier, but I guess
> I can add printfs.

The inability to use gdb seems to correlate to whatever's causing ":set
modified" not to work.  When no language bindings are enabled
(vim-basic, vim-tiny), I can use gdb to debug Vim just fine.  When the
bindings are enabled, those tests fail and gdb can't debug Vim.

I just tried enabling each binding individually and it seems this only
happens with --enable-perlinterp.  I can enable all the other languages
(ruby, tcl, lua, python3), and things work just fine, but add Perl and
things start breaking.

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