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On Thu 2016-10-13 11:41:56 -0400, Andre Heinecke wrote:
> On Wednesday 12 October 2016 20:34:25 Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
> For libqgpgme rebuilding kdepimlibs depending packages wont't work because 
> kdepimlibs qgpgme was Qt4 and libqgpgme from the gpgme package is Qt5. You 
> can't link Qt4 and Qt5 together.
> For gpgmepp It would require changing how the library is found. And depending 
> on the used API this will not work as gpgmepp from the gpgme package slightly 
> broke API to use C++11 memory instead of Boost (so that it is now plain c++ 
> without external dependencies) and some deprecated API was removed.
> But that affected mainly esoteric API regarding Assuan interaction.
> Additionally you now need C++11 which kdepimlibs did not.

Interesting, thanks for the details.

>>  * src:gpgmepp, which builds several binary packages, including
>>    - libkf5gpgmepp5
>>    - libkf5qgpgme5
>>    We should be able to drop this entire source package from the
>>    archive.  Any build dependencies should probably move to
>>    libgpgmepp-dev from libkf5gpgmepp-dev.
> Yes. But as the libraries are coinstallable keeping around the current 
> Version 
> probably won't hurt. As said above there was a slight API break.

well, much of the pain comes in the maintenance -- less to maintain,
less pain :)

>> Turns up the following packages that might need to be rebuilt:
>>   kaddressbook
>>   kde-runtime
>>   kget
>>   kmymoney
>>   libkf5libkleo5
>>   libkf5wallet-bin
>>   libkleo4
>>   libkwalletbackend5-5
>>   libmessagecomposer4
>>   libmessageviewer4
> This list looks incomplete to me (probably implicity dependencies?). At least 
> Kleopatra is missing or are you not shipping a kde4 based kleopatra anymore? 
> (In that case I wonder why kaddressbook is in there)

hm, you're absolutely right.  i failed to look for reverse dependencies
for libkf5gpgmepp-pthread5, which turns up some additional packages,
most importantly:


it'd be great to try to get those building against the
gpgme-upstream-supported versions if we can!

> Complete tightness. :-) You can't link qt4 and 5 together.

I guess this is a question for the debian kde/qt team about how long we
want to keep qt4 around for…


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