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Without following the discussion in detail, since life is too short, I
will note only that a cursory web search reveals people having this
problem at least as far back as 2008, and being advised to use a
symlink, config option, command line option, command alias, etc, to
force wodim to check /dev/sr* devices. I consider that such actions
should only be necessary in unusual cases; while peculiar situations
may exist (I don't know if they do or not) in which scanning for
/dev/sr* may be undesirable, with a vanilla setup it is not only
desirable but necessary, and resorting to reconfiguration should be a
step required only in the unusual cases.

Based on the statement (source forgotten) that there is supposed to be
a one-to-one correspondence between /dev/sr* and /dev/scd*, I submit
the attached trivial patch against cdrkit-1.1.11-3 to make it scan
for both.


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--- cdrkit-1.1.11.orig/libusal/scsi-linux-sg.c	2008-02-26 08:02:13.000000000 +0000
+++ cdrkit-1.1.11/libusal/scsi-linux-sg.c	2016-10-14 02:59:05.867695082 +0100
@@ -508,8 +508,9 @@
 	else {
 		/* scan and maybe keep one open, sg_setup decides */
 #define HDX 0
-#define SCD 1
-#define SG 2
+#define SR 1
+#define SCD 2
+#define SG 3
 		int h;
@@ -525,6 +526,15 @@
+				case(SR):
+					{
+						if(!check_linux_26())
+							continue;
+						pattern="/dev/sr%d";
+						first=0;
+						last=255;
+						break;
+					}

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