severity 686653 normal
reassign 686653 printer-driver-hpcups
merge 686653 768859

On Fri 29 Apr 2016 at 16:00:39 +0100, Brian Potkin wrote:

> found 686653 cups/2.1.3-5
> thanks
> Established a queue with f300_series-hpijs on Jessie. Ugpraded the machine
> to unstable. The PPD changed to f300 Series, hpcups 3.16.3

Did I ever think to look at the changelog? Or did I miss the significance
of this?

  * debian/hplip-cups.postinst, debian/hpijs.postinst: Switch to hpcups as
    default driver (migrate HPIJS queues to hpcups). The problem of Ghostscript
    segfaulting when generating CUPS raster data is solved and the hpcups
    driver needs also more testing.

 -- Till Kamppeter <>  Thu,  3 Jun 2010 15:36:18 +0200

I suppose the question now is whether the hpcups driver has had enough



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