Control: reassign -1 apparmor
Control: notfound -1 evince/3.20.0-4
Control: found -1 apparmor/2.10.95-4
Control: affects -1 + evince
Control: retitle -1 evince crashes under Wayland with AppArmor enabled: 
assertion failed: (wayland_display->cursor_theme_name)


> I've just poked upstream about it.

… and it was merged. I've cherry-picked it locally in src:apparmor's
Vcs-Bzr and am preparing an upload as we speak.

> If you're in a hurry, patching /etc/apparmor.d/usr.bin.evince as
> proposed on this bug (quoted above) should be a fine
> temporary solution.

… so please don't bother going for that temporary hack.


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