Package: schroot
Version: 1.6.10-2

Modern gnupg (gnupg2) has a gpg program which automatically starts a
gpg-agent, which may then live on for some time.

If some program is run within an schroot which invokes gpg (for
example, as part of a package build, or a DEP-8 test suite), schroot
can fail to tear the chroot down.  As an example, dgit's DEP-8 test
suite currently fails for this reason when run with adt-virt-schroot
specifying an lvm snapshot sid chroot.

(See #840669 for more details.)

I suggest that schroot ought to kill gpg-agents when tearing down the
chroot.  On my own computer I have done this with the attached script,
which might serve as a starting point.

I suspect that this script is not quite what is needed.  Things which
are perhaps wrong with it:
 * It always prints output (good for me to help debug this problem,
   but not good for a default shipped with schroot)
 * I am not sure whether the --exec test will DTRT.  ISTM that it
   will almost certainly do a wrong thing for tarball chroots, but
   it's probably right for lvm snapshot ones (or any other that has
   its own separately mounted /usr filesystem).
 * Other things I haven't thought of.


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