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>    * What led up to the situation?
> When i try to paste a command or whatever let´s say from Firefox to Terminator
> it always copies some strange things with it.

I have the similar issue. However in my case it occurs only after
/usr/bin/mc command had been run before (mc was started, and then
closed), and the pasted text has 00~ as a prefix and 01~ as a suffix.

I've just tried to investigate this more deeply and discovered that the
issue depends on the shell used, see the following table (obviously
everything in brackets is a comment):

                 | effect of pasting the word "text"
       shell     | after prior run of /usr/bin/mc
  /bin/mksh      | 00~text01~  (this is my default login shell)
  /bin/ksh93     | (nothing)
  /bin/posh      | ^[[200~text^[[201~
  /bin/dash      | ^[[200~text^[[201~
  /bin/sash      | ^[[200~text^[[201~
  /bin/csh       | 0~text1~
  /bin/tcsh      | 0~text1~
  /bin/bash      | text
  /bin/zsh       | text (highlighted, i.e black font, white background)
  /usr/bin/screen| text (always, regardless of the shell used in screen)


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