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Hi Samuel,

Quoting Samuel Thibault (2016-10-16 11:17:40)
> At least on the buildds we do it.

I always wondered: what is the advantage of the sudo mode? There are several
advantages of using schroot:

 - being able to run multiple builds in the same chroot at the same time
 - being sure that after the build the chroot is completely clean again
 - it is several orders of magnitude faster to create and destroy a schroot
   than the time spent in removing all installed packages after the build

Why would one ever want to use the sudo mode?

> It seems sbuild uses sudo at various steps, and they don't always have a tty
> to run.
> > How do I enable it?
> In /etc/sudoers.d/perso, I have

Thanks! I could confirm now that it works and put the fix into git.

cheers, josch

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