after a reboot I see:
helge@samd:~/texte/TODO$ psql rechnung
psql (9.6.0, Server 9.5.4)
Geben Sie »help« für Hilfe ein.

And on first sight the DB looks fine.

So maybe a full reboot is necessary?

What is strange is, that the server is 9.5.4:
helge@samd:~/texte/TODO$ dpkg -l "*postgres*" | grep ii | grep 5
ii  postgresql-9.5              9.5.4-3      amd64 object-relational SQL 
database, version 9.5 server
ii  postgresql-client-9.5       9.5.4-3      amd64        front-end programs 
for PostgreSQL 9.5
ii  postgresql-plperl-9.5       9.5.4-3      amd64        PL/Perl procedural 
language for PostgreSQL 9.5



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