Quoting Samuel Thibault (2016-10-16 12:32:41)
> It depends on the packages. For haskell packages, the package removal is
> faster than schroot's unpack/rm.


$ time schroot -c unstable-amd64-sbuild -n test --begin-session > /dev/null
schroot -c unstable-amd64-sbuild -n test --begin-session  0.00s user 0.01s 
system 13% cpu 0.086 total

$ time schroot -c test --end-session
schroot -c test --end-session  0.01s user 0.00s system 5% cpu 0.145 total

I don't think I can find *any* apt removal operation on my system that takes
less than the sum of 0.086 and 0.145 seconds.


cheers, josch

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