Severity: normal

(Filing on behald of maintainer as discussed in #835360 )


For detailed information see the above mentioned bug report. Basically
the "gopsutil" package has a very x86-centric view in its linux support
which will not work on ppc64el while it's an "arch all" package in Debian.
As this dependency will not function correctly neither can it's
dependencies be expected to. Further work will be needed in cooperation
with gopsutil upstream if ppc64el should become a supported arch to use
rkt on.

Also note that golang-github-coreos-rkt-dev has (recursive) reverse
dependencies which I'll file bug reports for separately:
golang-github-google-cadvisor-dev (from src:cadvisor)

Please remove the golang-github-coreos-rkt-dev and rkt binary packages
(both from src:rkt) on ppc64el.

Andreas Henriksson

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