I'm not saying it isn't a kernel issue, but even if it were a kernel issue
it could be worked around in the tools / in their Debian integration. Some
boots everything does come up up ok, bar the error messages already quoted;
other times there is no connectivity until the bridge (and sometimes bond)
are manually dismantled and brought up again. Once the bridge-over-bond
(802.11ad, BTW) works, it works perfectly. That sounds more like a
race-condition in setting it up to me than a kernel deficiency.

Since the affected server reboots for important kernel updates only and I
can just walk over and prod it until it works after a reboot, it's not a
pressing problem for me -- but it could just as well be hundreds of miles
away ...


2016-10-16 1:13 GMT+02:00 Santiago Garcia Mantinan <ma...@debian.org>:

> Hi!
> I'm using bridge over bond interfaces reliably on Jessie without problems,
> but there are some limitations. All of this limitations are on the kernel,
> and thus if you believe some other stuff is not ok, then the one
> responsible
> for this is the kernel.
> The limitations I'm talking about is that bridge and bonding don't work
> well
> in all bonding modes, I've read that active-backup and balance-tlb work ok
> and I'm using 802.3ad without problems, other than that... you are asking
> for trouble.
> Please try these modes and let me know your results.
> Regards.
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> Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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