Hola John Kirk!

> Package: cinnamon
> Version: 3.0.7-1
> Followup-For: Bug #840348

If possible, it would be nice if you could just reply to the emails you get, so
that they show up as part of the same conversation for us. When you do the
"Followup-For" they create new conversations and make it hard to follow which
mails belong to which issues.

> Cinnamon-screensaver is 3.0.1-1
> New user is created and screenshot is attached. Still unusable - half of 
> window
> at bottom left.

That screenshot is confusing, is that all that was on the screen? Or did it
somehow get cut?

Could you take a screenshot (for this same dummy user) that shows the Display

Also, can you attach the output of xrandr?

Finally, is HiDPI getting selected automatically or have you selected manually?


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