Re: Debian Bug Tracking System 2016-10-15 
> Processing control commands:
> > affects 794103 + src:apr-util
> Bug #794103 [libpq-dev] please support cross compilation using libpq-dev as a 
> build-dependency
> Added indication that 794103 affects src:apr-util


While I still agree that pg_config shouldn't get in the way of
cross-compilation, I'll note that apr-util's use of pg_config looks
like it could easily be replaced by "pkg-config libpq --cflags"
(pg_config --includedir) and "pkg-config libpq --libs-only-L"
(pg_config --libdir).

I'm not sure what it does with pg_config --libs, that flag is
basically only useful when linking the PG server itself.


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