Why don't you send me a description of what you've done with current
maxima and sage so far and what errors you see, so I can take a look.

Take care,

Tobias Hansen <> writes:

> Hi Camm,
> I updated the debdiff to maxima 5.38.1-2.
> I really hope we can make some progress on this topic. I read again the
> private mail that you sent me in March 2015 and I must say that I don't
> really understand everything. We tried using maxima-gcl with Sagemath,
> but we get Sagemath test failures that are not trivial to fix for us. I
> also think that we need the fasl file. (Is that what you called
> common-lisp-controller library in your mail?) Unfortunately we have
> nobody with any Lisp experience. Because of this, changing the way
> Sagemath and maxima work together seems hard.
> We are currently working a lot on packaging Sagemath for Debian stretch,
> as can be seen from the amount of traffic on our mailing list [1]. I
> think we have a realistic chance to get everything that is required done
> before the freeze.
> maxima is now one of two issues that we don't really know how to
> resolve. (The other one is pari, which is resolved if pari 2.9 is
> released in time for stretch.)
> Best,
> Tobias
> [1]

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