Package: apt
Followup-For: Bug #275379
Control: affects -1 + check-all-the-things

I too would like to see a satisfy subcommand that could be run like this:

apt satisfy 'python3, pyflakes3 | pyflakes (>= 0.7.3), pyflakes3 | pyflakes (<< 

The reason I want this is so that I can make check-all-the-things run apt
for checks that have missing commands and get the right packages installed
no matter what the distribution it is being run on.

$ check-all-the-things --install apt --checks pyflakes3
sudo apt satisfy 'python3, pyflakes3 | pyflakes (>= 0.7.3), pyflakes3 | 
pyflakes (<< 1.1.0-1)'

Right now there are workarounds that can be used for this being missing:

* create a debian/control file containing a single Build-Depends line (apt > 
* create a full Debian binary package containing the right Depends
* Use python-apt to do the resolution and emit `apt install pkg=1.2.3` commands?

The first two are easy but I'm not sure about the last one.


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