Version: 20161017
Severity: minor

There is a Debian position statement regarding the PHP license at

This was recently highligthed on DDA [1] and thus brought to my

The blockquote formatting on this page seems wrong.  I guess the
following pseudo-diff against the page HTML should be applied (which
also includes a simple typo fix near the beginning):

              Debian packages include PHP and PHP add-ons but we don't
-             attempt to, nor can we, resolve the impossible quandry
+            attempt to, nor can we, resolve the impossible quandary
              that the language of the PHP 3.01 license creates. It is
              a free software license and we modify the software and
              correctly designate the source of its origin by calling
              it PHP or X for PHP. The license requires us to make a
              <p>"This product includes PHP software, freely available
-   ";, the veracity of which
cannot be
+  ";</p></blockquote>
+            <p>the veracity of which cannot be
              verified by us, nor can we be held responsible for the
                maintenance of the link.</p>
-           </blockquote>

Even with these changes, it is not clear (at least to me) which part(s)
of the position statement needs to be included in PHP packages.  Perhaps
the page could be reorganized to contain a specific copy/pastable
snippet for easy reuse?

I hope reporting the problems via a bug report against is
acceptable procedure.  If not, please help me understand how to bring
this up properly.

Thanks in advance,

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