On lunes, 17 de octubre de 2016 3:19:17 P. M. ART John Paul Adrian Glaubitz 
> Control: reopen -1
> This did not work, unfortunately:
> > dh_install: Cannot find (any matches for)
> > "usr/lib/*/qt5/plugins/designer/libqwebview.so" (tried in "." and
> > "debian/tmp") dh_install: qttools5-dev-tools missing files:
> > usr/lib/*/qt5/plugins/designer/libqwebview.so dh_install: missing files,
> > aborting
> However, I also don't know whether there is a way to exclude certain files
> during dh_install for some architectures. Does dh_install support something
> like that?

Yes, I can do it on the next upload.

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