tags 790274 - unreproducible
severity 790274 serious

Dear maintainer:

I'm using a QEMU/KVM virtual machine with a single CPU and sbuild.

I can reproduce the bug reported here for version 1.2.0-1 on jessie,
and will gladly help you to reproduce the bug if required.

IMO, there are two different failures here. The failure reported by
Andreas here:


is definitely a problem with shared memory.

However, the failure initially reported by Daniel is the same I still
can reproduce in my autobuilders and I think it does not have anything
to do with shared memory.

I'm attaching two different build logs from two different autobuilders.
The bug could still be random, but I tried seven times and it failed
seven times.

I believe this is not related to shared memory because my shared
memory in the chroot is enabled by this line from /etc/schroot/default/fstab:

/dev/shm        /dev/shm        none    rw,bind         0       0

and /chroot/jessie/dev/shm is a real directory and not a symlink.

I also have had problems with shared memory in the past while building
packages but they disappeared completely the day I uncommented the
line above.

Please try to build this in a machine with a single CPU using sbuild,
and contact me privately if you still can't reproduce it.

(Or, if you consider that the probability that Daniel's autobuilder
using pbuilder and mine using sbuild are both misconfigured is low
enough, you could just skip that step if you wish).

I would recommend asking the release managers for permission to upload
a fixed package for jessie-proposed-updates. The only required change
would be to disable the test which fails, which fortunately it seems
to be always the same: test_on_incomplete_file_sent.


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