Package: gnupg
Version: 2.1.15-4

I have now, for the 2nd time, seen an unexplained failure while
running the dgit test suite, looking like this:

+ gpg --detach-sign --armor -u 39B13D8A .git/dgit/tag.tmp
gpg: WARNING: unsafe permissions on homedir 
gpg: starting migration from earlier GnuPG versions
gpg: can't connect to the agent: IPC connect call failed
gpg: error: GnuPG agent unusable. Please check that a GnuPG agent can be 
gpg: migration aborted
gpg: skipped "39B13D8A": No secret key
gpg: signing failed: No secret key
dgit: failed command: gpg --detach-sign --armor -u 39B13D8A .git/dgit/tag.tmp

This is with a private setting:

I have attached a complete shell transcript from the particular dgit
test suite test.  (FTR the test failed with roughly but not exactly
dgit 2.2).  I will keep the tmp directory.  There doesn't seem, now,
to be an agent running.


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