Ian Jackson writes ("Suspected race in gpg1 to gpg2 conversion or agent 
> I have now, for the 2nd time, seen an unexplained failure while
> running the dgit test suite, looking like this:
> + gpg --detach-sign --armor -u 39B13D8A .git/dgit/tag.tmp
> gpg: WARNING: unsafe permissions on homedir 
> '/home/ian/things/Dgit/dgit/tests/tmp/distropatches-reject/gnupg'
> gpg: starting migration from earlier GnuPG versions
> gpg: can't connect to the agent: IPC connect call failed
> gpg: error: GnuPG agent unusable. Please check that a GnuPG agent can be 
> started.

Perhaps this is due to me having updated my system and restarted my
session, with the result that now I seem to have a gpg-agent running.
At least, I have GPG_AGENT_INFO in my environment and I don't think I
did before.

I ran the whole test suite again and this time two tests failed the
same way.  I have added `unset GPG_AGENT_INFO' to the top of the test
suite library script just in case.  (Surely setting GNUPGHOME should
be enough to stop the test suite from using my actual gpg agent ?
With gnupg1, setting GNUPGHOME was sufficient to isolate a gnupg
instance.)  Sadly that seems not to have helped.


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