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Quoting Raphaël Hertzog (2016-10-18 10:33:52)
> Extract from the code:
>     # Run debootstrap with specified options.
>     if (!$conf->get('SETUP_ONLY')) {
>         !system($debootstrap, @args) or die "E: Error running 
> $debootstrap_bin";
>     }
>     # Set up minimal /etc/hosts.
>     my $hosts = "${target}/etc/hosts";
>     open(HOSTS, ">$hosts")
>         or die "Can't open $hosts for writing";
>     print HOSTS " " . $conf->get('HOSTNAME') . " localhost";
>     close HOSTS or die "Can't close $hosts";
> So you can see that:
> - /etc/hosts is overwritten even when it already exists
>   (netbase which is priority important is creating the file during
>   debootstrap in theory)
> - the only entry added is the IPv4 localhost while netbase is creating
>   this file:
>       localhost
>         ::1             localhost ip6-localhost ip6-loopback
>         ff02::1         ip6-allnodes
>         ff02::2         ip6-allrouters
> I have seen some test suites relying on the fact that there was
> an IPv6 address associated to "localhost" or "ip6-localhost" so it
> would be nice if sbuild-createchroot could get this right as well.

netbase is Priority:important but it doesn't get installed by
sbuild-createchroot which drives debootstrap with --variant=buildd. How are you
using sbuild-createchroot so that it installs netbase? Are you using the
--include option?

Nevertheless, there is now a commit in my git which doesn't overwrite
/etc/hosts if it exists and if it doesn't it now writes the exact same content
that would also have been written by the current version of the netbase


cheers, josch

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