On 10/18/2016 02:51 PM, Roger Shimizu wrote:
Dear Printing team,

I'm almost finished packaging “fxlinuxprint”.
Because I think it's more proper to ask for sponsorship here, than the
mentors list, I'm wondering whether anyone can sponsor this upload.

Thanks for working on this printer driver.

To make the driver more known and to make automatic creation of this print queues possible I would like to list it on OpenPrinting.

Can someone of you tell which Fuji Xerox models it exactly supports and perhaps also the device IDs of these printers?

Also the binary package of a printer driver should always be named printer-driver-..., in this case printer-driver-fxlinuxprint.

The *.types and *.convs files are not config files as the user is not supposed to modify them. So please put them into /usr/share/cups/mime/ and not into /etc/ppd/.

Otherwise the package seems to be correct, especially the PPD passes cupstestppd.


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