On Thursday, 6 de October de 2016 21:33:42 Marc Singer escribió:
> On 10/6/16 3:53 AM, Luka Krajger wrote:
> > So we can mark this bug as resolved?
> Reading back over this issue, I'd say that it looks like the issue was
> the OP copying a cert into the certs directory by hand. Upgrading SSL to
> fix it, IMHO, is a red-herring.  However, we cannot now know since the
> upgrade has been made.  The package dependency is correct for jessie.
> So, I'd say yes, this should be closed.

Jessie is not the entire universe. Please allow me point that Wheezy is in LTS 
until May 2018, which has the same shellinabox version as Jessie.

I'd be willing to do more testing for you, in clean VMs, if interested.


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