Dear Till,

Thanks so much for your review!

On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 11:41 PM, Till Kamppeter
<> wrote:
> Can someone of you tell which Fuji Xerox models it exactly supports and
> perhaps also the device IDs of these printers?

There's a list in package description (debian/control).
But it supports more than that list, e.g. ApeosPort-IV C2275 (what I
usually use)

Actually Fuji Xerox only released this open source driver, so I guess
it should support most of their product line.

> Also the binary package of a printer driver should always be named
> printer-driver-..., in this case printer-driver-fxlinuxprint.

Fixed in github repo:

And the source package name can be kept as it is?

> The *.types and *.convs files are not config files as the user is not
> supposed to modify them. So please put them into /usr/share/cups/mime/ and
> not into /etc/ppd/.

Fixed in patch 0003, in github repo.

On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 11:48 PM, Till Kamppeter
<> wrote:
> Another possible issue:
> The mimefx.convs rule
> application/pdf application/vnd.cups-pdfprintfx 0       pdftopdffx
> makes the pdftopdf filter not being used, leading to many CUPS options, like
> number-up, page-ranges, ... not working any more.
> Is this intended, for example because the output of pdftopdf causes
> problems? Do you resemble the CUPS options in your own pdftopdffx filter?

Fixed in patch 0004, in github repo.

Yes, "number of copies" to print wasn't working.
So I guess the patch would fix it.
I'll confirm whether this works when I have access to the printer.

Thanks again!

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