On Thursday, 6 de October de 2016 21:42:54 Marc Singer escribió:
> While it is a serious issue that shellinabox is unable to read a
> certificate, we don't have evidence that this is caused by the program.
> To investigate the cause, the OP should review the permissions of the
> cert and all of the directories in the path.  Usually, the problem is
> that the ID of shellinabox cannot read the cert because it is denied
> access somewhere along the path.

The issue is that no cert were installed during installation, so shellinabox 
could not start. Permissions were correct, or they should be, as the directory 
was created by the package.

IF the cert should always be installed by the admin, this should be noted in 
the docs, but that is not written in any file on /usr/share/doc/shellinabox so 
any admin will assume the server should "just start", as any other server like 
sshd or apache does.


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