Package: kdegraphics-thumbnailers
Version: 4:16.04.0-1

Dear maintainer!

The postscript and pdf preview functionality provided by the 
kdegraphics-thumbnailers package depends on the ghostscript binary (gs command) 
witch should be some kind of dependency of this package.

After installing kdegraphics-thumbnailers and activating it I expected to see 
pdf and postscript previews in the kde file manager dolphin but they didn‘t 
show up at all. I then had a quick look onto the sources of that thumbnailer 
 and saw that it uses the gs binary directly (instead of some library 

An installation of the ghostscript package solved my issue, pdf and ps 
thumbnails are now shown in dolphin.

Please consider adding "recommends: ghostscript" to the 
kdegraphics-thumbnailers package.

Thank you!

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