Johannes Schauer [2016-11-30  9:16 +0100]:
> > The expected state is that it is a symlink to
> > /run/systemd/resolve/resolv.conf, and that's the bit that apparently doesn't
> > exist -- i. e. systemd-resolved.service is not running in your case. So 
> > using
> > the second method and vmdebootstrapping a VM without the setup script and
> > checking it inside sounds like a good next step.
> okay, that will fix things in my case but how would the general problem here 
> be
> addressed. And who is at fault?

There's no "fix" here yet, we are still trying to find out what
happens in your case :-) So I can't say yet who is at fault -- the
most likely candidates are a bug in vmdebootstrap or systemd.

Hence I would like to see if vmdebootstrap is also broken without the
setup script. It might very well be possible that the autopkgtest
setup script changes some configuration which breaks resolved or

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