On Wed, Nov 30, 2016 at 09:45:08AM +0100, Klaus Ethgen wrote:
> Am Mi den 30. Nov 2016 um  9:36 schrieb Julian Andres Klode:
> > In your imagination, that is (yes, I too can write stupid replies
> > without any arguments - but I actually can provide arguments too,
> > see below).
> Thanks for insulting me. (I do not really care but it is good when it
> goes against the users but it is bad when it is against DDs?)

I did not insult you. I just wrote that you make claims without
any arguments that do not match reality. In contrast, I demonstrated
that your claims are false and have shown how initramfs is a superior
solution compared a stand-alone root filesystem.

> [systemd religiosity]
> > Just accept reality and move on.
> That would mean to let debian die in its religious systemd world?

It has absolutely nothing to do with systemd.

> > There is no reason to try to keep that separate / madness up anymore:
> > 
> > (1) we have better solutions now
> Seems to be no.

I have given you one reasonable argument that we do have a better
solution with initramfs and proved that it solves all problems
that existed with a separate /usr partition.

> > (2) nobody really uses the it -> no testing
> I didn't know that my name is nobody. And I also didn't know that I
> share this name with many others.

Your name is not nobody. There might be a modest minority of users that
use a separate /usr without an initramfs. Standard Debian installations
use initramfs since a very long time.

And as so often, this stuff breaks. And if it is not used by the people
doing the uploads (and this is a huge group of people), the chance that
it will break installations without anyone noticing early is huge.

> It is just in your limited reality where it is "alternativlos", just to
> qoute chancellor Merkel.


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