If this can be useful, I tried to enable this option by recompiling with apt-src:

apt-src  install jdupes
cd jdupes-1.6
***edit Makefile: uncomment "CFLAGS += -DENABLE_BTRFS"
cd ..
apt-src build jdupes
dpkg -i jdupes_1.6-1_amd64.deb

This _seems_ to work, as I can pass the -B option to jdupes, jdupes reports that some deduplication could be done ("finish with a Deduplication done (xxx files processed)"), but I obtain this kind of warnings (seems to be as many warnings as the number of files processed...): warning: dedupe only did 0 byes: ***file_x*** => ***file_y***: Invalid argument [-22]

I do not know how harmful may be these warnings, nor if the deduplication indeed worked at all... So probably a "test on your own risk" functionality for the moment.

Hoping that this report may help a correct btrfs deduplication by more knowledgeable people.


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