Ok, you can remove Cleto. I can maintain this package, but need some time
to learn about git-dpm to migrate this and other packages I maintained in
the old subversion repository with the DPMT on Alioth.


El mar., 29 nov. 2016 a las 20:51, Mattia Rizzolo (<mat...@debian.org>)

> Source: python-logging-extra
> Version: 0.1.3-1.1
> Severity: minor
> User: m...@qa.debian.org
> Usertags: mia-teammaint
> Cleto Martín <cleto.mar...@gmail.com> has not been working on
> the python-logging-extra package for quite some time.
> We are tracking their status in the MIA team and would like to ask you
> to remove them from the Uploaders list of the package so we can close
> that part of the file.
> (If the person is listed as Maintainer, what we are asking is to please
> step in as a new maintainer.)
> Thanks.
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