On 12/01/2016 01:16 PM, David Kalnischkies wrote:
> Our gtest-based testsuite isn't very big, but I would really like to
> avoid disabling them as once in a while they catch things we wouldn't
> have noticed otherwise (like botched optimizations do to a markup error
> on our side – powerpc) or break the world^Wport (like unaligned access
> in hashsum calcs – sparc).
> If that situation doesn't change for a while or gtest maintainers are
> really not helpful we can drop the B-D quickly as its already droppable
> via build-profiles (and yes, it will be handled before stretch, promise).

They don't care. If they did, they wouldn't have broken it in the first
place. Google upstream cares about main x86, ppc64el, MIPS and ARM
only, anything else is unimportant for them.

Thank you very much for breaking Debian Ports!


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