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On 29.11.2016 11:26, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> Package: gcc-6
> Version: 6.2.1-5
> Severity: important
> The protobuf-c testsuite fails. More specifically, the attached
> test-generated-code2.c file fails with the following output:

> Suddenly, the testsuite passes, and the E: memcmp unequal is not
> shown any more. This smells like a compiler bug to me.
> The build environment was a clean Debian sid/x32 chroot on a freshly
> updated Debian sid/x32 desktop machine. (For the record, I’ll porter-
> upload protobuf-c as the testsuite does pass.)

 - does this work with GCC 7?
 - please could you reduce the test case to just run the failing test?
 - please add the preprocessed source

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