Control: retitle 846232 openvas should depend on libgpgme-dev instead of 

On Wed 2016-11-30 14:16:20 -0500, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> I wondered the same before writing the bug.
> The answer I got on #debian-devel is that this is one case where the 
> policy document is outdated (support for versioned Provides is already 
> available in jessie, so upgrades are covered).

If that's the case, I hope someone who knows about this change will
propose a patch to debian-policy and post it to the BTS.  In the
meantime, i'll probably keep the gpgme source package compliant with the
version declared in debian/control's Standards-Version field.

> With one rdep your patch is as good at fixing this problem as my 
> suggestion (but I am not involved in maintaining either package).

I plan on NMUing this change to openvas unless i hear otherwise from the
openvas maintainers (cc'ed here).



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