I should to add my report another similar bug.
I do "desktop behavior"->"Screen locking"-> ... do something...->all 
settings->SEGMENTATION FAULT (the window closes)
I have 4 variants of wallpapers in "Screen locking": Hunyango, Plain Colour, 
Image, Slideshow. 
But I have SEGMENTATION FAULT (and closing window) only if I do something when 
my chosen wallpaper is Plain Colour, Image or Slideshow or I change wallpaper, 
but not when my chosen wallpaper is Hunyango.

When my chosen wallpaper isn't Hunyango, I have Segmentation fault often, but 
not always.

Console uotput:

chatrapati@Debian:~$ systemsettings5 
Segmentation fault
chatrapati@Debian  :~$ 

And in /var/log/syslog I have:
Dec  1 23:32:42 Debian kernel: [18997.209334] traps: systemsettings5[6181] 
general protection ip:7f7371a31d85 sp:7fff2ec05a60 error:0 in 

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