> On a system with systemd, dnsmasq and resolvconf installed, the
> /etc/resolvconf/update-libc.d/squid3 hook prevents dnsmasq from
> starting. As far as I can see, the problem is caused by a deadlock of
> "systemctl start dnsmasq.service" in conjunction with "systemctl
> reload squid3.service". The latter one is finally called by the
> /etc/resolvconf/update-libc.d/squid3 hook which is invoked by dnsmasq
> on startup.

Indeed, I just bumped into this problem.  I recently decided to move
from Polipo to Squid (on my home router), so I installed Squid.
Everything seemed to be dandy until I rebooted, at which point dnsmasq
failed to start, preventing access to the outside world to all other

> A possible solution might be, to check if systemd is running in the
> hook and calling
>     systemctl --no-block reload squid3.service
> directly instead of
>     invoke-rc.d squid3 reload

How 'bout just adding an & at the end of this reload line?
That's the workaround I'm using right now,


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